In September 2012 I took two of my Alpacas to a Disability Open Day at Stanley Park in Blackpool. Children of all ages, including adults, were entranced by their sensitivity and gentleness. I had been thinking of how I could educate others in the beauty and ‘feel good factor’ these animals can impact on one’s life. So, now I am offering ‘The Alpaca Experience’ to anyone who is genuinely interested in learning a little more about my ‘family’.

What to expect?

I do not charge a set fee, but any donation no matter how small is greatly appreciated and all donations go towards the care of all these adorable animals.

Each alpaca walk will be slightly different, it all depends on group size, ability, punctuality(!), weather and availability of routes.

All our walks begin with a sit down run through of the experience and safety briefing.

Depending on the weather, if the land is dry enough we will work as a group to round up the alpacas from the fields and bring them into the stables/holding area. We may spend some time hand feeding the alpacas whilst they are in the field too.

We will then allow each walker to choose their alpaca and teach you to halter, lead and communicate with them, and proceed onto an alpaca walk on one of our various routes. Oh and there will be plenty of opportunities for photo stops and selfies!

All routes are flat and suitable for all ages.

We recommend wearing wellies/waterproof boots as even after spells of dry weather our routes may be muddy as they are off road through public footpaths and fields.

Small children must be accompanied by an adult and will need to share an alpaca with an adult.

The experience usually lasts around 2 hours.

Birthdays / Gifts Why not treat your family or friend to the ‘experience’ by way of donation, as a special birthday or anniversary present? I will prepare a personally designed alpaca card to suit your request, just contact me via my email address!

Meet My Family!

Take the chance to meet our kind and friendly family of alpacas!

Meet My Family

Contact Judy!

If you like the look of our Alpacas, then dont hesitate to contact us about arranging a visit!

Contact Judy!

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