How We Began

My husband Alan and I bought an old house with six acres of land in St.Michaels on Wyre in July 2006. This primarily was to accommodate my two horses. I have always dreamt of one day owning my own land and seeing my horses grazing through my window. I thought I couldn’t be happier with my two dogs and my equine friends until Alpacas came into my life.

I first read about these enchanting creatures in the Country Life’ magazine in March 2008, and immediately felt a yearning to get to know a little more about them. I heard about a little orphan ‘boy’ that was being bottle fed at Cockerham Alpacas, so I managed to arrange to go and meet these animals in the flesh. Michael and his wife Judith introduced me to their herd and I was smitten, to say the least. As for ‘Pepe’, I fed him and decided I had to have him, as well as his friend ‘Coco’, both being approximately two months old. They were the start of a wonderful, fulfilling relationship that has developed over the years.

Initially, I was quite happy with my two little boys until, in August of that year, I attended an Open Day at Sudell Alpacas. Wow! I just was so taken with all these beautiful animals and so I bought two more young little boys who were very special. Angela, their owner, advised me they needed a very special home as they were extremely nervous and timid and lacking in self confidence. Therefore, they needed a kind, patient home with someone who had the time to try and help them gain trust in people. I named them Badger and Casper, and my two little boys became four little boys.

I soon became so addicted to Alpacas that over the following few years I bought a few females and bred 'Cria' (baby Alpacas) and increased my beautiful herd to approximatley 25.

I do take in rescue animals and try to help them thrive and gain confidence. One lovely story was travelling all the way from home down to Somerset to pick up a 10-week-old Llama cria (baby) who was born on the coldest night in December, caught frost bite losing half of both ears as she had no shelter. Then her Mum died and poor little orphan wouldn't take any milk.

I brought her home in the back of the estate car, goodness knows what other motorists must have thought as they saw this little slim head on a long thin neck. She was as good as gold and thrived the last couple of years where she was mated with Sundance ,( a very handsome stud alpaca that I remember watching being born) and she had a lovely little girl ( Cross Llama/Alpaca ).

Sadly, due to health reasons in 2015 I decided to reduce my herd to a more manageable group and half my boys took new residence at an Animal therapy Centre in Clitheroe, ( FUTURES) where they helped people with Learning difficulties to become more inspired and increased their confidence.

Since these enchanting animals entered my home I have never felt such happiness in all my life. Currently I have 10 boys, 5 girls and 3 llamas roaming with my 3 Blacknosed Valais Sheep Mutley, Noodle and Strudel. Oh and there is my hubby down there somewhere at the bottom of the pack!

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