Update on the Farm

Bella and Freya are pregnant and are due mid June 2018. So looking forward to the happy event.

Storm Desmond hit us quite badly on December 6th 2015. It was one of the most traumatic experiences I have ever gone through. Wandering down to the barn waist high in flood water seeing my poor alpacas up to their necks in murky cold water pinned against the wall by the risen rubber matting and the horses up to their tummies.

It was so difficult trying to open the stable doors with the flood on either side . I managed to get them out to the top of the driveway and they were later evacuated to other warm dry barns belonging to friends. It was a daunting period but it was also amazing how the local community all came together and we had so much support from the Council, Firecrew, police and also people who had been on previous 'Alpaca Experiences', all rallying round to help tidy up over the following weeks. Very humbling indeed.

The Flood

Our Newest Arrivals

Here are the first photos of our latest additions. Jonty (Brown and white) born on 16/06/18 and Willow (Black with white splodges) born on 25/06/18.

Meet My Family!

Take the chance to meet our kind and friendly family of alpacas!

Meet My Family

Contact Judy!

If you like the look of our Alpacas, then dont hesitate to contact us about arranging a visit!

Contact Judy!

4/10/2018 Jonty and Willow are now nearly 4 mths old and growing extremely well. Jonty is a cheeky chappie and Willow a gentle quiet little girl. Halter training will start at Christmas.

My Alpacas went to their third wedding in 1918 including gate crashing the banqueting suite where the evening reception was being held. WOW !!! what an impact they had and sooooo many photos and videos were taken. Bella , Freya and Teddy all behaved so well, not stressed at all by all the attention they received. I was so proud of them.

We attend birthday parties as well as weddings by request.

On a very sad note my beloved pony Huggy Bear passed away October 2017 , he was my soul mate for 34 yrs and is greatly missed.

But I also need to introduce Bennie and Frankie, two new members of my family, two young Shetland ponies who will delight any little children ( and big children !!!! ) and perhaps pony rides maybe on the agenda .

Also introducing two black nosed Valais sheep Mutley and Findlay who joined my motley crew in October . They were rejected as didn’t meet the grade. I have halter trained them and are extremely adorable and very popular with the walkers as they just love interaction and human company, so yes if you would like to walk one just let me know.

Jonty now halter trained and is proving to be a really cheeky boy whereas Willow has been poorly in November and December and I am so glad to say is finally getting stronger. She is a little girl and lost quite a lot of strength and weight bless her, but she has come fighting back and doing well.

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