What Can You Learn From Alpacas?

In September 20I2 I took two of my Alpacas to a Disability Open Day at Stanley Park in Blackpool. Children of all ages, including adults, were entranced by their sensitivity and gentleness. I had been thinking of how I could educate others in the beauty and ‘feel good factor’ these animals can impact on one’s life. So, now I am offering ‘The Alpaca Experience’ to anyone who is genuinely interested in learning a little more about my ‘family’. This includes interaction, and also a walk/trek on the halter with an Alpaca I feel is most suited to the individual.

Alpaca Walks Lancashire

I will teach you how to halter, lead and communicate with them. Why not treat a member of your family to The 'Experience' , as a special Birthday, Anniversary present . I will prepare a personally designed Alpaca card to suit your request. I do not charge, but any donation, no matter how small, would be appreciated to help with the upkeep, feeding, vaccination, etc of these adorable animals.

I do take in rescue animals and try to help them thrive and gain confidence. One lovely story was travelling all the way from home down to Somerset to pick up a 10-week-old Llama cria (baby) who was born on the coldest night in December, caught frost bite losing half of both ears as she had no shelter. Then her Mum died and poor little orphan wouldn't take any milk.

I brought her home in the back of the estate car, goodness knows what other motorists must have thought as they saw this little slim head on a long thin neck. She was as good as gold and thrived the last couple of years where she was mated with Sundance ,( a very handsome stud alpaca that I remember watching being born) and she had a lovely little girl ( Cross Llama/Alpaca ).

Since these enchanting animals entered my home I have never felt such happiness in all my life. As well as my ‘Woollies’ I have one gorgeus horse, two dogs , a cat , 2 Valais sheep and two Shetland ponies . Oh and there is my hubby down there somewhere at the bottom of the pack.

Meet My Family!

Take the chance to meet our kind and friendly family of alpacas!

Meet My Family

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If you like the look of our Alpacas, then dont hesitate to contact us about arranging a visit!

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